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Johann Ryno De Wet, Underland (2009)

“My methodology for creating images starts with writing down the events of the dream as soon as I’ve woken up. Sometimes I’ll make sketches to help me remember particular visual details of the dream. I use this information to look for subject matter in my environment that has elements matching those of the environment of the dream. I then use digital manipulation to combine different visual elements to create the environments and the atmosphere I experienced in the dream. This is an important part, as it is where I transform my vision into a tangible medium. The meaning of a dream is the most important part, as it forms the backbone of the project. I therefore focus on using dreams that have a lasting effect on me, or is meaningful to me in some way. To me life is an existential journey and dreams can play an important part in learning how to deal with the complexities of living and can help to see things from a different perspective. The materializing of my dreams into images is a process which helps me understand myself and life better.” - Artist’s Statement


jus in bello con 2013 - Jensen/Misha panel resumé question

okay, this is the entire resumé question including the dancing (both Jensen on his own and him - at the beginning - and with Misha - at the end) and all that went on before (includes Misha doing accents, discussing horse riding, tibetan throat singing and more stuff). sorry if at some points it gets shaky but hopefully it doesn’t change too much. ;)

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